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Computational Methods in Electromagnetics: Applications in Electromagnetic Compatibility, Ground Penetrating Radar, Bioelectromagnetics and Magnetohydrodynamics Dragan Poljak, PhD University of Split, FESB, Croatia The lecture starts with some general aspects of computational electromagnetics and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The introduction outlines some well-established analytical and numerical methods. First, a crash-course on the theory of thin wires is given and related numerical solution methods for various integral equations in both frequency and time domain will be outlined. Computational examples pertaining to dipoles, Yagi-Uda arrays and logarithmic-periodic dipole antennas (LPDA) will be presented. Then, some applications to air trafic control and ground penetrating radar (GPR) will be discussed, as well. Furthermore, full wave (antenna) […]

Timetable and Program

Final program and conference timetable will be available soon!