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Keynote speakers

Industrial cloud, Distributed Edge computing for 5G

Azimeh Sefidcon, PhD

Director Research, Head of Cloud Systems and Platforms, Ericsson


5G systems are already starting to facilitate the digital transformation of industries by providing not only faster network with higher bandwidth but also the flexibility, agility and precision required by IoT context and mission critical industrial applications. The combination of fast network, data processing along with the high level of intelligence supported by advanced machine learning algorithms are the foundation over which the future of industries will be shaped. In contexts such as smart manufacturing and transportation, porting the data, from sensors and industrial application to edge of the network, and performing machine learning and required analysis close to where the data has been generated is essential for speed, data protection, flexibility and performance. The algorithms for smart processing as well as hosting the applications at edge of the network requires computing to be present at the edge. Edge computing pressed for scalability and flexibility that can be provided by cloud technologies, calls for edge cloud to be an integrated part of the 5G network. At Ericsson research we have worked on Industrial cloud which is in essence a distributed Edge cloud that could be an integral part of 5G networks. In this talk, industrial cloud, its different key aspects, data management, orchestration, edge integration, automation and network functions will be presented.

Short bio

azimehAzimeh Sefidcon holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering with focus on IP mobility, a master degree in Intelligent networks and a master degree in computer hardware. She started her career in automation of industries by designing software and hardware components necessary for specific industry automation. Later she continued her academic education with focus on telecommunication and combined the knowledge of software and hardware optimization and industry automation in telecom domain. Joining Ericsson in 2003, she held various technical and leadership positions focusing in radio and core networks. She is currently the research director and head of Cloud system and platforms research at Ericsson where she spends her time on building the future technologies for 5G, IoT and industrial cloud among other things.