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The programme of promoting the development of broadband internet in the County of Split-Dalmatia

The development digital networks called Next Generation Networks is supported by the Operation Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion of the European Commission through two programs: National program of development of access networks in rural areas, and NP – BBI national programme of the broadband Internet for the development of aggregation networks. For the County of Split- Dalmatia the Project of development of acess networks is particularly important. The County of Split-Dalmatia has our four areas of rural interest in acess networks: City of Kaštela, inland Kaštela and coastal line; Islands area of Brač, Hvar, Vis, Šolta; Sinj- Trilj area with municipality of Muć, Dugopolje and Klis; Imotski – Vrgorac area. In all four areas we have municipality or city project holders. The project aim with EFRD fundꞌs is to encourage commercial telecom operators, to invest into areas where they have not previous commercial interest. Conceptual project was provided by Profuturus company from Maribor in three of areas. The company Kabel-optika from Zagreb prepared the conceptual project in the last area of Imotski- Vrgorac. Ministry of the European funds has the coordination role of Project since 2017. Technical project is managed by the HAKOM agency.


garmazĐoni Garmaz, Split – Dalmatia County
Đoni Garmaz graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the University of Zagreb, with specialization in Radio Communications and Professional Electronics, in December 1999. He worked for several companies, the latest was Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Services Ltd. His main interests were in the field of VoIP development and digital networks.He worked as Antenna System Maintenance and Verification Manager also responsible for the installation, maintenance and verification of the digital signal transmission to the end user.He increased his knowledge and skills through the continuing education and he acquired international certificates in Munich (Nokia) and Zagreb (Siemens).